Mrs. Kerry Ramthun provides piano lessons during the school day for students at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.  Please contact Mrs. Ramthun at if you have any questions.

Lesson Brochure & Registration Form

Lesson Policies
ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance and practice at home is necessary for consistent progress. Each student is expected to be prompt for every lesson, with the proper music for each lesson. Any appointments or extra-curricular activities should be scheduled around the student's lesson time, as this time is set specifically for each student. If a student is not able to attend a lesson during a given week, he or she may arrange to trade that lesson with another student if it is mutually convenient. If a student misses a lesson and does not arrange for a trade, that time is of no value to anyone else and the lesson will be forfeited. Please note this policy and remember to make arrangements to consistently attend your lesson. If the teacher cancels a lesson or school is cancelled on that day, the lesson will be rescheduled.

LOCATION: Lessons take place during band, choir, or study hall, or before or after school as necessary in Room 2306. One lesson is half of a period. Students may arrive early for lessons and are encouraged to use a practice room to warm up prior to lessons if at all possible. If a student forgets his or her music at home on a lesson day, that student is still responsible to attend that lesson, as technique, theory, and music history can be emphasized, and Mrs. Ramthun may have a copy of your score on file also. 

DIFFERING NEEDS: Mrs. Ramthun has taught students of all ages and abilities, including physical and developmental disabilities. If you are interested in adaptive piano lessons or have a special need that should be taken into consideration, please let Mrs. Ramthun know.

Lessons at KML
-Lessons at KML may prepare a student for a career in teaching or ministry, or for college music auditions. And lessons may be taken purely for fun also!

-Exercise your mind! Playing piano activates both hemispheres of the brain and requires engagement from multiple lobes. Did you know that the corpus callosum is bigger in musicians? Yes, we have bigger brains!

-Convenience: Taking lessons during the school day saves a trip to the music store in the evening, and allows for more family time and practice time at home.

Cost of Lessons
Lessons are billed quarterly by KML. The fall and spring semesters for 2016-17 will consist of 17 lessons each, and the tuition for each semester will remain the same as previous years: $297.75. Tuition will be divided into two equal payments each semester. The first payment will be billed when school begins. If a student withdraws from lessons after the first week of school, 50% of the tuition for that quarter will be refunded. No refunds will be processed after the second week of school for that quarter.

Lessons begin during the first week of September. You will be contacted by email or phone before that date with your lesson time and information. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kerry Ramthun at 262.388.1796.

-Students may play pre-service music before the band or choir winter concerts in December.

-WSMA Solo/Ensemble Festival will be held in March.

-Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs (WFMC) Festival will be held in February.

-Our annual recital will be held during the second semester in May.

-Advanced students may use their God-given abilities to play for chapel as well as their home congregations.

Your First Lesson
Please bring a pencil, notebook, and any previous books you had from your prior lessons. If this is your first lesson, please inform your teacher before your first lesson so that the proper materials may be purchased.

Music supplies and books can be purchased at White House of Music, West Bend (262-334-4426), at, or any other music retailer. If music books are purchased by your teacher, the materials will be billed to your child's KML account.

About the Instructor
Kerry Ramthun, MA, NCTM, MT-BC, holds the degrees of Master of the Arts from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and Bachelor of Music from Alverno College. Mrs. Ramthun is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music by Music Teachers National Association and is also a board-certified and state registered music therapist. She also serves on the piano, music therapy, and early childhood faculties at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. She is a member of Music Teachers National Association and Wisconsin Music Teachers Association.