Student Services

TheStudent Services Department at KML provides academic assistance tostudents and their families. It is our purpose to help students todevelop fully the gifts that our Lord has given them, and to continue todevelop those gifts in the years after they have left high school.

TheStudent Services Department advises students about their courseselections and class schedules, their academic progress, theirstandardized testing, their post-high school planning, and their plansto finance their college education. The department is responsible fordeveloping the master schedule and the student schedules. It providescopies of student transcripts, and it maintains the permanent records ofthe students.

TheStudent Services Department provides a variety of materials for students touse. It sets up a schedule of visits fromcollege, technical college, and military recruiters. Computer resourcesare also available.

TheStudent Services Department works with the students' homeroom advisorsto provide counseling and advice for students to meet KML's graduationrequirements as well as college entrance requirements.

The KML Student Services Department offers these services:

  1. Academic course planning and scheduling.
  2. A standardized testing program that includes the Aspire, the PSAT, and the ACT and SAT. Group and personal interpretations of the results of these tests is also made available.
  3. Assistance in college planning.
  4. Information and assistance with college financial aids and scholarships.
  5. Academic progress reporting.
  6. Academic records and transcripts.
  7. A guidance web page that offers direct links to sites that offer helpful information on career exploration, college planning, scholarship searches, financial aid, and many others.
  8. Academic and career counseling. (Personal counseling is handled mainly by the Pastor of Student Life and the other pastors who serve on KML's instructional staff.)

KML's Student Services Team

Joshua Schoeneck
Mr. Joshua Schoeneck
262-677-4051 x1121

Jason Walz
Mr. Jason Walz
Guidance Director
262-677-4051 x1129

Jerry Zeamer
Mr. Jerry Zeamer
Admissions Director
262-677-4051 x1124

Dorothy Martin
Mrs. Dorothy Martin
Student Services Secretary
262-677-4051 x1123

If you prefer, you can send mail to:
Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School
Attention: Student Services Department
3399 Division Road
Jackson, WI 53037


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