Volunteer Service Time Description

Volunteer Service Time Explanation

1.      Work Service Time Requirements:

a.   Four hours for each semester – total of 8 hours.

b.   Two different experiences for each four hours in a semester.

c.   This requires four different experiences for the year.

d.   You may use service done during the summer for the current school year.

2.      Types of Work Service:

a.   Community

b.   Church

c.   School

3.      Due Dates:  December 1st and May 1st.

4.      Location to turn in hours and requirements:

a.   Turn in on your work service time sheet, which will be created on google docs during one of the first few days of class.

b.   You will need the following information:

                                                             i.      Type of service.

                                                            ii.      Number of hours

                                                          iii.      Date accomplished

                                                          iv.      Name of supervisor of your activity

                                                            v.      Description of what you did.

                                                          vi.      Description of what you learned from the service.

                                                        vii.      Description of how your service benefited the organization or others.