I can think of no better time than Easter to be reminded of the uplifting declaration from the great Alpha and Omega – Jesus Christ. We can turn off the TV news and stop looking at the COVID-19 statistics for a while. We believers are not just living in the middle of a pandemic … we are living in the middle of the First and the Last. He is making all things new by his atoning sacrifice and resurrection from the dead. (Revelation 21:5) We have no fear because our future is secure. Because he lives, we too shall live. (John 14:19)

Your KML faculty and staff may be separated. You may feel isolated from family and from your church home. Remember this: Jesus is making all things new! We are more united in faith and purpose than ever before.

KML will always teach the truths of Jesus. Our mission and purpose will continue to be to strengthen our students and shine brightly for our communities. We are made new through Jesus!

During this Easter celebration, may God bless you with a focused faith in his Son and a sharpened trust in his promise to his people. He is risen!

Superintendent David Bartelt

Please click on the video below to watch a short Easter message from KML.