About KML Chess

KML Chess exists for those who enjoy playing chess and for those who want to improve their game. In all we do, we serve our King who graciously gives us our talents and abilities.

Everything you need to know about KML Chess can be found on the KML Chess Info and Award Structure document.

View and print a KML Chess Informational Flyer.

KML Federation chess enthusiasts of all ages may inquire about KML Chess by emailing chess@kmlhs.org.

  • Students in grades 7 & 8 are eligible to play with our teams.
  • We also welcome adults willing to play and serve as mentors.

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For a current schedule and club news, check out the KML Chess Club blog.


Mrs. Angie Molkentin


Questions about KML Chess should be directed to the advisor, Mrs. Molkentin (414-640-7230; amolkentin@gmail.com).

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