A Legacy of Christian Leadership Throughout KML’s History

Recognizing Our Past to Strengthen Our Future

Throughout Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School’s history, God has accomplished his plan through the efforts of humble Christian people. This award is dedicated to those who faithfully served KML over the years and used their God-given gifts to advance the KML ministry.

Some of these people served at the very beginning of KML’s history and worked diligently to establish the school. Some served as lay leaders who provided guidance, encouragement, and financial support to continue KML’s existence and growth. Others served as administrators or teachers who gave selflessly for our students and provided the Christian guidance so critical for our youth. These people did not seek this honor. They were chosen because they exemplify the characteristics of Christian leadership, a legacy which will shine throughout KML’s history. All glory to God!

50th Anniversary Christian Leadership Award Recipients

2023 Christian Leadership Award Recipients

2022 Christian Leadership Award Recipients