July 2021 – Special Edition

KML Leadership Transition

Dear KML Family,

What blessings will God have in store as we enter a new era of KML leadership? If God’s past blessings are any indicator, they will surpass our expectations.

God has been so good to KML in so many ways and through so many different people who have served and loved this ministry. Throughout its nearly 50 years of existence, KML has experienced exponential growth and numerous changes, and the Board of Directors and General Board have approved adjustments to the school’s staffing models accordingly.

As we enter another school year, KML is implementing significant changes to its leadership structure. Below you will find information on the major and minor shifts in responsibilities of our leadership.

Please pray our God would bless this new effort for the sake of the families and young leaders we are blessed to serve. Thank you for being a part of our growing KML family!

In Christ’s Service,

Jamie Luehring, President

Jamie Luehring

Mr. Luehring transitions from Principal to President. In this role, he takes on leadership of the entire organization as he directly oversees the strategic planning process and supports and empowers the leaders in director positions. In this new role, President Luehring will also have the opportunity to spend more time in communication with the many, many supporters and friends of KML.

From Mr. Luehring:

I am humbled and blessed to be able to transition to a different leadership role at KML. By God’s grace, we have grown in so many different ways over the last years, and for that I am thankful. I am excited to see what blessings God has in store in our future as we transition to a new leadership model. May God continue to bless our entire KML family as we do his work together!



Matt Moeller
Director of Instruction

Mr. Moeller transitions from Curriculum Coordinator to Director of Instruction. He is responsible for ensuring excellence in instruction including teacher observations, support, and professional development. He will have the opportunity to work with our faculty every day to ensure high quality instruction is an integral part of every student’s KML experience.

From Mr. Moeller:

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve KML teachers, students, and parents as we continually work to improve how we educate, encourage, and equip KML students for life and eternity. I’m thankful for the privilege to work with a dedicated and talented leadership team to carry out KML’s vision to provide a Christ-guided success path for all students.



Dan Albrecht
Director of Student Culture

Mr. Albrecht transitions from teacher to a new role, Director of Student Culture. He is responsible for ensuring a strong Christian culture in which students are encouraged and supported to live according to God’s will. He oversees student council, student attendance, school safety, and discipline.

From Mr. Albrecht:

God has blessed KML with a growing and gifted student body. I am humbled and privileged to be able to work with our students as they seek to live according to God’s will here at KML and beyond. I am thankful for the dedicated faculty, staff, and leadership team that daily carry out the mission to educate, encourage, and equip God’s people for life and for eternity.



Joshua Schoeneck
Director of Student Services

Mr. Schoeneck continues in the Student Services Office but with enhanced responsibilities now as the Director of Student Services. In this role, he oversees and supports our student support staff including the International Program, Learning Center, admissions, student and teacher scheduling, and college and career guidance. He is responsible for ensuring a smooth pathway for students as they enter KML, are served by KML, and exit KML on to God’s next step for them.

From Mr. Schoeneck:

I have been privileged to experience how KML has grown and matured over the last 24 years during which my role has continually evolved. I believe this transition to a new leadership team will be a blessing to our school as we seek to work together to provide a Christian education to even more students.



Randy Hughes
Campus Pastor

Pastor Hughes transitions from Pastor of Student Life to Campus Pastor. He is responsible for the spiritual welfare of our students through spiritual growth and counseling. He will also be a bridge to our KML Federation pastors and congregations.

From Pastor Hughes:

God’s grace has been abundant over my years of service at KML. Concern for both the spiritual health and the mental wellness of our students is a top priority at KML which will be an area of my focus. May God continue to bless the transitional work with our students from our schools, churches, and community.



Wendy Breimon
Director of Mission Advancement

Mrs. Breimon transitions to leadership of the Mission Advancement Office as she directly oversees donor relations, deferred giving, alumni relations, and capital campaigns through the empowerment of the Mission Advancement Team. In this new role, Mrs. Breimon will work with the President and Directors to define the mission and vision of KML and continue to work together with the Mission Advancement Team to share KML’s mission and vision.

From Mrs. Breimon:

Our most recent campaign truly summarizes life at KML – Blessed Beyond Belief. As I transition to this new role, I am thankful God has blessed us with strong roots for a fruitful future. It is my privilege and honor to build relationships, partnerships, and ownership by sharing the mission and vision of KML. May God continue to bless our work together.



Jody Hansen
Director of Operations

Mr. Hansen transitions from Business Manager to Director of Operations. He is responsible for the financial, facility, and human resources areas of KML’s ministry. He ensures we are good stewards of the physical and human resources God has granted KML.

From Mr. Hansen:

God has blessed KML with wonderful resources including our people, a wonderful facility, and our property. By God’s grace, our operations team will continue to make sure we are great stewards of these blessings as we utilize and improve them to God’s glory.



Joe Greefkes
Director of Activities

Mr. Greefkes continues in his role of Director of Activities. He oversees and supports all of the different activities of KML including athletics, fine arts, and the many other clubs and activities which are a part of KML’s ministry.

From Mr. Greefkes:

Activities at KML provide an awesome platform for training future Christian servant-leaders. What a gift it is for our students to have a plethora of activity offerings to choose from which all uniquely allow for the sharpening of their God-given gifts and talents. As our numbers increase and our high school and youth offerings continue to expand, it is my privilege to oversee our many successful programs. May God continue to bless the ministry of our great high school! On, You Chargers!


Empowered by God’s Word, Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School educates, encourages, and equips God’s people for life and for eternity.

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