Course descriptions and other information about the courses offered at KML can be found in the course selection guide. (See below.)

Advanced Placement (AP)

KML offers a variety of AP courses both on campus and online. Students who plan to take an AP test are encouraged to consult with a college admissions advisor to determine whether the AP option or the college credit option is most beneficial for them. (See Classline below for more information.)

A number of other courses are rigorous enough that some of our students also write the Advanced Placement exams in areas for which we do not currently offer AP courses, such as German, music theory, physics, and Spanish.

Dual Credit Courses

KML has partnered with several colleges to make a selection of dual credit courses available to our students. These courses allow students to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously for the course. (See the Course Selection Guide below for more information.)

2023-2024 Course Information