GROWING CHRISTIANS who continue to study the changeless truths of Scripture and apply these truths to the ever-changing situations in their own lives, schools, communities, and the world.

PROCLAIMING CHRISTIANS who worship and praise the Triune God and who share the message of salvation through Jesus with the people in their lives and with those around the world lost in spiritual darkness.

DISCERNING THINKERS who develop and use multiple frames of reference to identify, assess, integrate, and apply available information and resources in reasoning, decision-making, and complex problem solving.

SELF-DIRECTED and LIFELONG LEARNERS who apply positive Christian values to formulate, establish, and prioritize God-pleasing goals for themselves and their future, monitor and evaluate their progress, and assume responsibility for their learning and actions.

COLLABORATIVE CONTRIBUTORS who use effective interpersonal and group skills to initiate, develop, and sustain supportive relationships with and among others in the workplace, community, church, and family settings.

SERVANT LEADERS who give glory to God by powerfully, yet humbly, influencing others with their words, actions, and example.

DEDICATED STEWARDS who recognize their gifts as God-given and strive for intellectual, artistic, and productive excellence and who use their time, talents, and treasures to his glory.

To accomplish these goals, we ask our Lord to be with us in all we do, and we encourage both teacher and student to regularly keep in mind the words of 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV): Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Department Exit Outcomes: