The first step is to remember that your possessions are gifts from God. As His steward, you should manage those blessings in a way that glorifies Him above all else. Here are some suggestions to help you get prepared for creating your plan:

  • Develop specific goals, such as
    • Providing for the financial needs of your children
    • Choosing guardians for your minor children
    • Teaching Christian stewardship principles to your family
    • Supporting your church or KML
    • Reducing the tax liability on your estate
    • Establishing a trust for your heirs
  • Create a preamble for your documents that reflects your faith and confidence in your eternal salvation
  • Organize your personal records
  • Review any current legal documents
  • Select people who might serve in various roles (personal representative, power of attorney, guardian, trustee, etc.)
  • Schedule a meeting with an estate planner who can help you through the process of creating a comprehensive plan

Once you have accomplished these steps, you will be ready to meet with the necessary professionals who can craft the necessary documents that match your goals.

To discuss a planned gift to KML, contact your KML Gift Planning Officer, Mr. Dylan Rusch (262.677.4051 x4093;

The information that is provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Consult your personal tax consultant, attorney, or financial planner for specifics that apply to your personal situation.