Our 2020 graduation worship service and ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 13, at 1:00 PM.

Rev. Jonathan Kolander (St. Mark’s, Citrus Heights, CA) will be the speaker for the graduation service, and Rev. Paul Cerny (Immanuel, Campbellsport) will be the liturgist.

Watch the graduation service online at www.kmlhs.org/stream.

Simple Guidelines

Both in our rehearsal and ceremony, these three principles will guide us.

  1.  To God Be The Glory – We have the opportunity to worship our God who has graciously given us life, forgiveness, and salvation. What a blessing to be able to worship collectively.

  2. Celebrate our Graduates – We are so proud of our graduates and their perseverance through the challenging close to our school year, but that does not diminish our pride in their accomplishments and the future that God holds for them.

  3. Respect the Safety of Others – Please practice social distancing out of respect for others as you enter, exit, and participate. If you have a fever or symptoms, please watch the livestream rather than attending. Participants may choose to wear masks. Parents of graduates, we simply ask that you relay these guidelines to your families and share the importance as well. Thank you!

Family Seating

  • Families will be able to fill their 5’ by 20’ rectangle that will fit around 10 people, and there will be another space for overflow for some family members farther back. We will share that diagram with you next week so it makes more sense.

  • We have also made the decision to assign rectangles to your family through a randomized lottery. We have made this decision because it will reduce the amount of time families will have to be out in the sun, will reduce the amount of family physical interaction, and will simply reduce the challenge of finding a spot. We will send out a diagram next week and mark your rectangle with your graduate’s yard sign on graduation day.

  • We are also willing to accommodate split families with 2 rectangles if that is a need for your family. If this is an accommodation that you would like, please email Chelsie Brandl (chelsie.brandl@kmlhs.org) by Friday, June 5.

  • If you have a guest in a wheelchair or who has accessibility challenges, there will be a place on the track where wheelchairs would be able to participate. There is no need to communicate that need to us in advance.

  • Please bring your own lawn chairs, and refrain from bringing tents or EZ ups.

Other General Information

  • Service bulletins will be given to families in groups of 10 at their rectangles to reduce physical interaction.

  • It is a long walk down to the football field from the parking lots. Participants should consider what type of shoes would make sense at this type of outdoor event where they may need to walk a long distance and walk across grass.

  • The worship and ceremony will be live streamed at www.kmlhs.org/stream.

  • Pray for good weather. We will be monitoring as the day gets closer and strive to make a determination 18-24 hours in advance. We will communicate any changes via email. If a rain delay occurs, our first rain delay date is Sunday, June 14, at 1:00 PM.

  • Restrooms will be available on graduation day with social distancing expectations in the school building.

Class of 2020 Valedictorians

Abigail Kesting

Kaitlyn Martin

Amelia Neuwirth

Carlos Seiltz

Madeline Taubenheim

Branden Ulm

Class of 2020 Salutatorian & Class Speaker

Grace Amundson

Class of 2020 Class Speaker

Eric Rodell