Let’s Grow Together

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School is on an amazing path of growth. We, once again, are announcing a new record enrollment … 550! What a privilege we have to teach more students, share the love of Christ with them every day, and offer a safe environment in which they can grow spiritually, academically, and emotionally.

In order to meet the current and future demands of our students, our planned addition will include a new, larger fitness center, trainer’s room, additional gym space, atrium, space for future classrooms, and more. The estimated cost of this addition is $10 million, and we have already been blessed with $2 million in lead gifts for this Let’s Grow Together campaign.


Goal: $10M by June 30, 2024

We are excited to announce a challenge for this campaign. A challenge gift of $280,000 has been committed with the goal of receiving Let’s Grow Together gifts from 1400 donors. A generous friend of KML will give a $200 incentive gift to KML for every donor up to 1400 donors who give their gift to the Let’s Grow Together campaign. Also, when 150 of those 1400 donors are KML alumni, our generous donor will give an additional $20,000 for a total of $300,000! We ask you to help us meet this challenge by being one of the 1400 donors.

In these times of uncertainty and confusion, be assured that KML will stay true to our Christian values and will meet these challenging times with the absolute truth of God’s Word.

The time is now. Let’s Grow Together!

View the Let’s Grow Together video below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is this new campaign?

A: This campaign, titled Let’s Grow Together reflects the blessings of KML as we are now sharing God’s Word with more and more students. As we’ve grown in both quality and quantity, we are faced with some facility limitations. This campaign is designed to raise the funds for a new addition which was first introduced in 2018 as phase 2 of the Blessed Beyond Belief campaign.

Q: What will this building addition include?

A: This new addition includes a new fitness center, trainer’s room, a fieldhouse, a large atrium/greeting area, bathrooms, locker rooms, concession stand, Charger Wear store, storage areas, and space for future classrooms.

Q: How will this addition promote and fulfill KML’s vision of a “Christ-guided success path for all?”

A: As with all our facilities, this new area will allow and encourage more people to come to KML and ultimately hear the message of salvation through their Savior, Jesus Christ. Specifically, our teachers and coaches provide the Christian guidance that is consistent with KML’s philosophy, and the facility offers the resources for our leaders to fulfill the mission.

Q: Why do we need a new fitness center?

A: Our current fitness center is quite limited in space and equipment. The new fitness center will allow an entire class or any of our teams to work out together at the same time. The fitness center may also be available for others in our KML family who wish to use it at available times.

Q: Will we need to buy all new equipment for the fitness center?

A: Some of the current equipment will transfer to the new area, but the expansion will allow us to purchase new equipment to serve our students more effectively.

Q: How will this addition serve our students who aren’t on KML’s sports teams?

A: The additional gym and expanded fitness center will allow more phy. ed. classes to be held simultaneously and offer greater flexibility in course availability. We also plan on expanding our intramural program, and the additional space will allow more students to be involved in athletic participation at that level.

Q: How will the atrium be used on a daily basis?

A: The atrium will be a general gathering area. Utilized as cafeteria overflow, it will encourage fellowship among students and faculty. There will also be heavy use during games and special events.

Q: What interscholastic sports/programs will be added if we get this facility?

A: There have been requests and discussions about offering boys volleyball and wrestling.

Q: Will any of this facility be open to the public?

A: This is a possibility, but our students always have priority for the use of any areas of our campus. We currently schedule a few outside groups to use our facility when there are no conflicts, and that policy would continue with this new area.

Q: Why should I pay for things that don’t benefit me or my family?

A: The practice throughout our federation is to work cooperatively to provide the best ministry and educational experiences possible. That starts with God’s Word and our Christian faith, but it also includes a variety of academic, social, physical and emotional needs. Support for KML, or specifically this Let’s Grow Together campaign is a united effort that allows all of us to work cooperatively to improve our overall curricular and co-curricular programs.

Q: We have an existing debt. Isn’t it better to reduce the debt before taking on a project like this?

A: Yes, we have current debt, but the interest rates are extremely low. We could pay off our debt and then borrow to build our addition, but the costs would be considerably higher. It is better to maintain our current loans and raise the money for this project as a separate effort.

Q: Will tuition increase after this building is completed?

A: Tuition goes up each year as operational costs increase. Throughout our history, we have not used tuition to pay for capital improvements. In other words, tuition will likely go up in the future but will not be used to pay for building this addition.