After graduating from KML in 2016, Kari Beine attended Iowa State University in Ames, IA, and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a double major in Spanish. In 2020, at the height of the COVID shutdowns, she took the first job she was offered which was in Hobart, NY.

Kari packed everything up and moved to rural, mountainous, upstate New York. She lived in a beautiful area and had a good experience in her first career job as a process engineer in the packaging department of a pharmaceutical plant. In New York, she attended King of Kings Lutheran Church in Clifton Park, NY, where KML alum Gary Kluball (’80) is the pastor. Kari comments, “It’s a small WELS world! The King of Kings family is amazing, and I loved getting to know the members, teach Sunday School, sing in the choir, and help with other church events.”

In August of 2023, Kari got a job in Germantown, WI, as a project engineer at a food ingredients company, so she was able to come back home! She enjoys being close to her family and friends in Wisconsin as well as being back at David’s Star Lutheran Church. Kari says, “I would have never thought I would be living far away from Wisconsin, especially in New York, but looking back, I see God’s hand guiding me and knowing what was best.”

In September of 2023, Kari went on a vacation to Spain and Paris with fellow KML alumni Amber Soyk (’16) and Rebekah House (’16) as well as Wisconsin Lutheran College alum Abigail Hackbarth. In Kari’s words, “We had a blast exploring the places I had gone while studying abroad in college, but also seeing new cities and sites I had never been to before!

“This summer I am privileged to lead a group of KML students on a mission trip to King of Kings to help with their Family Fun Day community event and canvas the growing neighborhoods surrounding the church. I am very excited!”

Pictured left to right: Amber Soyk, Kari Beine, Rebekah House, Abigail Hackbarth

Photo taken in Cáceres, Spain