Burl is 89 years young and is still working as hard as ever. Burl is a welder by trade and has worked in many different facets with his talents.

Recently, Burl was trying to learn AutoCad to aid him in calculating and sketching plans to weld old GM parts – mainly for a steering column that isn’t made anymore. After countless YouTube tutorials on how to use AutoCad, he wasn’t finding what he needed. He searched for area tech schools or colleges where he could learn AutoCad. Burl noted, “when you live on a fixed income, there isn’t much money to go back to school.” He came across KML and thought he would contact us.

He reached out to our very own Mr. Strasser, who teaches AutoCad. Mr. Strasser was more than happy to meet with Burl after school to help him understand AutoCad better. We are so excited to have Burl on campus!