Dear KML Family,

As we begin our school year together, we do so knowing that our God is with us and will guide us. We strive to use the gifts and abilities he has given us to create and implement a reopening plan which allows for a safe return to face to face school for those who choose it. We honor the decision-making of our parents, as God has entrusted your children to your care. It is our goal to create a flexible environment where students can succeed either face to face or virtually.  

Our COVID-19 mitigation plan was formulated by input from CDC guidelines, the Ozaukee/Washington Health Department, the American Academy of Pediatrics, KML families and teachers, KML boards and committees, and consultation with many other school leaders.  

Our students will be trained in our new procedures and expectations on the first day of school. We are certain our KML family will work together to follow these expectations to allow for face to face instruction for as many students as possible for as long as possible. We also recognize that our plan will be flexible and continued changes should be expected throughout the school year. 

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our plan outlined below. 

God Bless,

Principal Luehring 


KML Reopening Plan

Face to Face or Virtual Option

  • Face to Face Instruction – KML will offer face to face instruction for students and families who choose this option. New safety protocols have been put into place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. If you choose this option, you certify that you are comfortable with our COVID-19 mitigation plans.
  • Virtual Instruction – The majority of our courses will offer a livestream option for students who choose the virtual option. Students will still be able to interact with the teacher, not simply watch a video of the course. There may be other instructional methods employed as well, which are course specific. Individual teachers will share pertinent information with their classes about the methods used and how students can log in prior to our first day of school.


COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

  • Face Coverings – As mandated by Governor Evers, we are requiring all students and staff to wear face coverings inside the school building. If students or staff have one of the conditions or exemptions listed in the governor’s order, they will not be required to wear a face covering. The goal is to have our KML family voluntarily comply in order to allow as many students as possible to feel comfortable and be able to attend school safely face to face and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We also understand there will be an adjustment period for students as they get used to wearing masks.  Because of this challenge, there may be times during the school day where students and staff may have to remove or pull down their masks for short periods of time. Teachers will be allowed to teach without face masks in accordance with the educational exemption in the governor’s order.
  • School Entry Temperature Checks – Every student’s temperature will be checked each morning as they enter the school building through the Main Entrance. This entrance will be monitored by school staff, and students and staff will undergo a touchless thermometer temperature check. Students or staff who have a fever of 100.4 or higher will be expected to go home.
  • Backpacks – Students will be allowed to carry backpacks in the school building between classes if they choose. This will minimize the amount of social contact at lockers.
  • Social DistancingStudents and staff are encouraged to practice social distancing at all times.


Social Distancing Protocols

  • Classrooms – Our teachers are maximizing the space in their classrooms to create as much social distancing as possible in each unique classroom.
  • Band/Choir – We will be using multiple strategies including distancing, masks for instruments, and larger space use, including the Performing Arts Center, to maximize distance and continue these programs.
  • Chapel – We will be dividing our student body in half by homeroom in which half of our students will attend chapel on a weekly basis in the PAC. The other half of students will participate in chapel via livestream in their homeroom classrooms. This will allow for social distancing within our PAC auditorium.
  • Lunch – We will be creating extra space for students to social distance at lunch by allowing them to eat outside and utilizing larger spaces like the gym, in addition to the cafeteria. Hot lunch lines will be following social distancing protocols, and plexiglass barriers will be installed. We are also asking students to use hand sanitizer when they enter the cafeteria area.
  • Before School – Students are encouraged to socially distance before school. Teachers will also have classrooms open earlier in the morning to allow students to go to their classes earlier to minimize close hallway interactions.
  • After School – Students are asked to leave the school building as soon as possible to get picked up. For students who need to remain at school, we ask that they maintain social distancing in the cafeteria.  


Symptom Checking and Sickness

  • SymptomsSick students and staff should stay home if they have the following high priority COVID-19 symptoms: loss of taste or smell, fever, chills, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.
  • Fever – Students and staff with fevers of 100.4 degrees or higher must remain out of school for 24 hours after the fever has broken and the fever is gone without the use of medicine.
  • Hygiene and Coughing EtiquetteStudents and staff are reminded to wash hands often with soap and water and to follow proper coughing etiquette.  


Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices

  • Hand SanitizerEach classroom has been outfitted with a hand sanitizing station. Students are encouraged to sanitize hands often.
  • Increase in Cleaning StaffAdditional cleaning staff has been added to disinfect high touch areas during the school day.
  • Adjusted Cleaning ProtocolsCleaning protocols performed after school have been adjusted to disinfect the school each evening.  


Visitor Protocol

  • Outside VisitorsKML will limit outside guests and minimize visitor flow throughout the school building.  Essential vendors will be expected to follow mask and distancing protocols.  



  • Our Activities Department, under the leadership of Mr. Joe Greefkes, continues to strive to meet the goal of face to face competition for those students in our student body who choose to participate. The WIAA Board of Control Meeting on August 14 will provide direction as KML plans for a safe fall season. Ongoing updates can be found on and under “KML Kickstart Plan.”


Student Pictures and ID’s

  • School pictures will be taken, and student ID’s will be issued on the first day of school for those who choose face to face instruction.
  • For those who opt for virtual learning, we will contact you with photo and ID options. 


COVID Communication 

  • Positive TestStudents and staff who test positive for COVID-19 are required to quarantine outside of KML for 14 days, in accordance with Washington County Health Department Guidelines. 
  • Contact with Positive CaseThe Washington County Health Department recommends that any person who was in contact with someone who has tested positive should quarantine and receive a COVID-19 test. 
  • KML CommunicationWhen KML is made aware of positive COVID-19 test results, we will share information via email with families while keeping student and staff names confidential.  
  • Parent CommunicationPlease remain in contact with the Main Office (262-677-4051;  if the need arises for your student to switch to virtual learning due to quarantining or becoming symptomatic. 


Converting to Whole School Virtual Learning

  • Whole School Conversion to VirtualKML has no exact metrics which would force our whole school to go to virtual learning. This decision will be dependent on the number of students and staff who are unable to attend KML in person. Our current plan would be to go to whole school virtual learning for two weeks and then return to face to face instruction.
  • Whole School Virtual ScheduleIf KML would need to convert to virtual learning, we would implement the virtual schedule we utilized last year. We would have periods 1-4 two days per week, 5-8 two days per week, and one day of scheduled student support with periods 1-8.