At our regular General Board meeting on Monday, April 12, 2021, the delegates of the General Board reviewed, evaluated, and provided feedback to their Board of Directors on the proposed new KML leadership structure. This structure was created in response to the retirement of Superintendent Dave Bartelt. The General Board unanimously approved the proposal to establish a new leadership model that will become effective on July 1, 2021. Our Lutheran foundation, mission, and vision are not changing, but the earthly structure we have chosen will shift.

We believe it is important that all members of the KML Federation have a clear understanding of the process as well as the path forward for KML. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors invested countless hours over a multi-month process collaborating with administrators, teachers, and staff members as they contemplated the best leadership model moving forward. This process also included studying a diverse sample of other high school leadership models and input from Grace in Action, a well-respected WELS consulting group who has been supporting our strategic planning work.

This new leadership strengthens KML in the following ways:

  1. Collective Vision and Continuous Improvement: All of the major functions of our organization and leaders work together toward our strategic goals.
  2. Cross-Organization Communication: KML is a growing organization, and this structure enhances regular communication between all the different core functions of our work.
  3. Leadership Development and Ministry Team Opportunities: KML is blessed with a strong ministry team who is recognized throughout our synod. This model allows our leaders to serve and grow as a part of their calling and service at KML.
  4. Heightened Academics: This model allows us to focus more effort and time into building our curriculum and instruction.
  5. More Positive Culture: KML has the opportunity to build off its strong culture by increasing resources and time into building a proactive culture which centers on God’s design for our students’ interaction with one another.

This model has shifted responsibilities by reducing the teaching loads of a few of our leaders which, together with Mr. Bartelt’s retirement, has resulted in the need to fill a teaching position. The General Board has given the Board of Directors authorization to call for that position. Because the teacher call window is closed, this means the KML Board of Directors will either approach Martin Luther College for a graduate or place a one year call in the near future.

Below is a simplified version of the flow chart of roles, responsibilities, and accountability. The major summary points are:

  • The former Superintendent title transitions to President.
  • The core functions of KML are overseen by six directors who are also held accountable for leading the execution of our strategic planning process.
  • The former Principal and Pastor of Student Life position descriptions have been split into three roles:
    1. Director of Instruction (Oversees curriculum and instruction)
    2. Director of Student Culture (Oversees proactive culture and discipline)
    3. Campus Pastor (Tends to the spiritual needs of KML and fosters and cultivates federation pastoral relationships)

Please join us in praying to our gracious Lord that he would continue to bless our efforts in this important ministry. We trust that he will!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us.

In Christ’s Service,

Board Chairman John Pahmeier

Principal Jamie Luehring