KML does not supply any kind of over the counter (OTC) medication for student use. Medication should be administered to student by their parents/guardians at home whenever possible.

Over the Counter Medication

  • A completed Medication Authorization Form (see below) is required for any OTC medication your child will have on campus. This must be completed annually and you must have separate forms for each student.
  • OTC medications include but are not limited to: Tylenol, Advil, cough drops, allergy medications, Pepto Bismol, etc.
  • The medication must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging.
  • OTC medication dosage must be within the recommended dosage on the manufacturer’s packaging.
  • The student’s name must be affixed to the container.
  • OTC medications may be kept in the student’s personal, locked, school-assigned locker.
    • If you choose to have OTC medication kept in the KML office, you must complete the Medication Authorization Form and bring the medication in its original package with dosage and times indicated on the form. This must be done for each student, siblings may not share medication from the same bottle or container.
  • OTC medications may not be shared with any other persons.

Prescription Medication

  • A completed Medication Authorization Form is required for any prescription medication.
  • Prescription medication is required to be sent in the pharmacy-labeled container with the following information legibly printed. Only pharmacists can legally re-label medication containers.
    • Student Name
    • Name of drug
    • Dosage
    • Frequency
    • Time of administration
    • Expiration Date
    • Name of prescribing physician
  • Prescription medication MUST BE stored in the Main Office. In the case of liquid medication, the family must also provide the means of dispensation with measurement.

Any medication stored in the Main Office will be kept locked and secure. The exception to this may be approved inhalers and emergency medication. Medication administered by Main Office staff will be administered at the prescribed time (if applicable). Administration is recorded and accurate records are maintained. Students are responsible for reporting to the office for medication administration. Any change or discontinuation of a medication requires a new Medication Authorization Form. Medication requiring a delivery method other than oral ingestion will not be administered.

Non-FDA approved drugs (supplements) will not be administered at school unless accompanied by a medical doctor’s written and signed order that includes all side effects and circumstances in which to notify the doctor. No CBD products will be permitted for use at school.

Medication Forms

Medication Authorization Forms are due to be turned into the Main Office by August 8, 2022. Forms may be emailed to, dropped off during office hours, or placed in the drop box at the Main Entrance of the school during non-office hours. If you wish to have your child’s OTC medication stored in the Main Office, please drop off the medication at the same time that you turn in the Medication Authorization Form.

These forms are also available in the Main Office if you need to update or add a medication during the school year.

A Food Allergy Action Plan form is also available in the Main Office upon request. If your student may encounter issues related to food allergies, please fill one out and turn it in the Main Office to keep on file.

Please contact the Main Office (262.677.4051; if you have any questions.