Over the Counter Medication

KML is not able to give out over the counter (OTC) medication of ANY kind due to Wisconsin state law. Any OTC medication a student needs (Sudafed, Tylenol, Advil, cough drops, etc.) must be supplied by each student’s parent or guardian in the manufacturer’s original package.  These over the counter medications can be kept in the student’s personal, locked, school-assigned locker. These are for personal use only and cannot be shared with any other persons. A completed parent authorization form is required even if students will keep their OTC medication in their lockers.

If you want to provide OTC medication that would be kept for your child in the KML Main Office, you will need to fill out a medication authorization form and hand it in to the office along with the medication in its original package with dosage amounts and times listed on the bottle – FOR EACH CHILD. In other words, siblings may not share medication from the same bottle or container, and a parent authorization form is needed for each child.

Prescription Medication

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION MUST BE STORED IN THE KML MAIN OFFICE. In the case of liquid medication, the family should also provide the means of dispensation (spoon, cup, etc., with the necessary measurements displayed).

All medication provided by school families will be secure in a locked container. Our Main Office personnel have received the required training to be able to dispense medication.

Medication Forms

  1. Medication Dispensation – Parent Form (To be completed and turned in to the Main Office if you would like the school to administer ANY medication, prescription and/or OTC medication; also needed if your child will have OTC medication in his/her locked locker)
  2. Medication Dispensation – Medical Provider Form (To be completed and turned in to the Main Office if your child needs to bring prescription medication to school – physician signature required)
  3. Medication Dispensation – Asthma Inhaler Form (To be completed and turned in to the Main Office if your child needs an inhaler at school or at school related events – physician signature required)

The Medical Provider Form and the Asthma Inhaler Form require the signature of a physician.  It is acceptable for your child’s physician to fax the necessary forms to our school.  The fax number is 262.677.4290.

These forms are also available in the KML Main Office.

Please contact the Main Office (262.677.4051; office@kmlhs.org) if you have any questions.