Past – God worked through his people who gave and pledged over $4.2 million to build the Science and Innovation Wing at KML. The science labs are up and running, and we welcomed a record enrollment in 2019!

Present – As we collect nearly $2 million in outstanding pledges toward the Blessed Beyond Belief campaign, we will be able to pay off our bridge loan. KML should not add any long-term debt from this project.

Future – KML’s challenge is to ask for your help to service and reduce our past debt from previous projects. Our goal is to raise a total of $1.1 million before June 30, 2020, from our donors, churches, and new supporters. The first $750,000 will service and reduce our current debt. The next $350,000 will finish the seven new classrooms in the Science and Innovation Wing.

Your gifts will make a difference for the future of KML.