About New Friends

Who we are: New Friends is a group of KML students and people with special needs who want to form friendships in a low-stress, fun environment which promotes positive interactions. We are part of the Jesus Cares ministry of the WELS.

When we get together: We meet once a month from 1-3 on a Sunday. See our list of dates and locations on the KML New Friends website!

What we do: We host events and times to hang out together. Often, our activities revolve around a theme. We begin with a short devotion and then do various activities.  Some activities include: playing board games, making crafts, decorating cookies, drawing, and playing sports.

Please visit the KML New Friends website for more information and upcoming events!


Mrs. Micah Nelson

Questions? Want More Info?

Contact Mrs. Nelson (micah.nelson@kmlhs.org) or visit the KML New Friends website.

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