Dear Parents and Students,

As you and family make adjustments to your life due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we understand there may be times of uncertainly that could cause your son or daughter anxiety. Our school continues to partner with Christian Family Solutions to provide access to Christian counseling services. Students can meet with a counselor through a secure video connection right from home. Parents, if you feel it would be helpful for your son or daughter to speak with a counselor at this time, please contact us for a referral and we will help you get connected. Thanks to donors to this student ministry, Christian Family Solutions is offering an initial set of five (5) counseling hours at no cost through the end of our school year. If additional counseling services are needed after the fifth session, there are several options available to pay for continued services.

Here is some additional information about the counseling services available:

Christian Counseling Services Available by Video
All of the professional mental health counselors at Christian Family Solutions are certified and licensed in a wide variety of specialty areas. Services are provided to students via a secure video connection, right from a private area at home, using a computer, tablet, or other mobile device. Christian Family Solutions has been providing counseling services through video since 2008. They are uniquely skilled to help families using this secure method of connection.

Available Services
Christian Family Solutions counselors can help students with a wide variety of issues, such as depression/anxiety, problems with alcohol/drugs, relationships, cutting/self-harm, body image issues, and stress management. Students interested in meeting with a counselor through Christian Family Solutions will need parental consent.

Cost of Services
Christian Family Solutions is committed to supporting the students at our school. There is no cost for an initial set of five (5) counseling hours through the end of this school year. If additional counseling services are needed after the fifth session, there are several options available to pay for continued services.

Requesting/Receiving Services
Counseling services through Christian Family Solutions can be requested by contacting Pastor Randy Hughes via email ( or via his cell phone (262-305-8386).

Understand the Possible Emotional Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic
To help navigate emotional impact of the Coronavirus and ways you can remain healthy, please read the latest blog from Christian Family Solutions –

Interested in Helping Support These Counseling Services for Teens?
Christian Family Solutions provides short-term counseling services to students at any WELS high school or prep school. Generous donors provide the funding needed to offer distinctly Christian counseling services through the Teens 4 Teens endowment effort. If you would like to help bring these critical services to our school and others across the country, please call 888-685-9522, visit, or watch this short video: