This page is a great place to start as you consider your estate-plan options and as you look for ways to glorify God in the process. Many people think of an estate plan as simply deciding the way in which your possessions should be distributed after you die. In reality, you can do so much more through a comprehensive estate plan. The resources that are provided on these pages are designed to help you understand your options and also share some information for you to consider when creating an estate plan.

Take some time to browse the information and links below and learn about the many options that are available to you. When you are ready, feel free to contact us for additional information, for personal guidance, or for specific resources that can help you create an estate plan that is truly suited to your unique situation. To get started on your own personalized estate plan, contact Mr. Dylan Rusch (262.677.4051 x4093;

How Planned Giving Helps KML

There is no question that Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School has grown and flourished because God has led His people to provide strong leadership and financial support for more than 45 years. The ongoing support from congregations and individuals, coupled with tuition income, has allowed the school to function effectively.

The role of planned giving is important because those special gifts allow us to accomplish unique goals for today and for the future. Planned gifts have helped support facility expansion, program enhancements, and tuition assistance. In other words, planned gifts have enriched the experience of current students, and also provided exciting opportunities for future students.

Those who wish to designate a planned gift for KML have the ability to select the way in which the gift will be used. Gifts can go directly to the school or be given to the KML Foundation. Your gift can be used for a restricted purpose or be unrestricted. Many planned gifts are added to the Foundation’s endowment and used for tuition assistance which guarantees that the gift will have a lasting effect for many students and families.

Support KML & Reduce Your Tax Burden

There are many reasons to create an estate plan and one of the most compelling is the ability to reduce or eliminate the amount you pay to the government.

Without a plan, you will force your loved ones to incur attorney fees, court costs and a potential tax burden. These costs can be reduced or eliminated by those who have an estate plan. Consider the following:

There are three potential heirs of your estate:

  1. Loved ones
  2. Charities like your church, KML, missions, etc.
  3. Government

A misperception is that if you give an estate gift to charity, you reduce any inheritance to your loved ones. A better option is to give generously to loved ones, and reduce the amount for the government by including a charitable component. In other words, a gift to KML or other charity allows you to support loved ones and ministry – not the government. That is an option that works for most people!

The relatively small amount you will pay to create an estate plan, is well worth it when you consider the significant costs that are associated with those who don’t have a plan.

To get started on the process, contact your KML Estate Plan/Deferred Gift Counselor, Mr. Paul Snamiska (262-677-4051 x1116;