Alumni, we want you to share your quarantine stories!

For most of us, the whole COVID-19 pandemic hit like a ton of bricks. What was this? Where did it come from? Wait, what? It’s now in the U.S.?

Everything happened so fast. Life as we knew it was minute to minute. What would shut down next? Would our jobs be affected? How is our family going to get through this? And the biggest question of all – where is all the toilet paper?

A million unanswered questions filled our minds as we watched our normal daily lives crumble before our eyes.

It’s definitely a bit rough. I love seeing all the different memes about what the “new normal” is for everyone, and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t all a little on edge. If I hear, “Mom, Mom, Mom,” one more time …

One of the ways my family has maximized this time at home is by starting a remodeling project. The timing is perfect. Since the golf courses are closed, my husband has been super motivated to get this project done.

We’ve also eaten lots of dinners together and made endless craft projects!

Despite the setback caused by the coronavirus, KML has continued to offer an amazing Christian education. Students still worship together virtually in the morning, they attend all their regular classes virtually, and Christ is still our center and main focus.

Can you imagine what this would have looked like when you were at KML? When I was there, we had floppy disks and the internet was pretty new. Would classes have had to stop completely? Who knows what kind of mental state everyone would’ve been in since we couldn’t FaceTime our family and friends!

But thanks to the grace of God, technology has helped us all stay connected. What a blessing!

Like the movie High School Musical says, “We’re all in this together!”

We’d love to share inspiring and positive stories with our KML community, so please email me your stories.

  • How has the current situation affected you?
  • How is your family working through this?
  • How has your faith become stronger?
  • What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome?
  • What are some creative things you do to pass the time?
  • Do you think the things you’re doing which have brought your family closer will become a constant from this point on?

We are thinking about you, we care about you, and our prayers are with you.

With much love,

Crystal Perez
KML Marketing, Alumni, and Event Coordinator