Upcoming Reunions

No known reunions at this time.

If you know of information that should be posted here, please contact Mrs. Crystal Perez (crystal.perez@kmlhs.org).

How Do I Plan a Reunion?

Who may plan a class reunion?
Traditionally, the class officers initiate the planning process, although any eager classmate may make the first move.

How far in advance should planning begin?
For reservations, mailings, and other details, most reunion committees allow for one year of “work.”

How can we obtain class contact information?
KML will provide current contact information for your classmates. Contact Mrs. Crystal Perez (crystal.perez@kmlhs.org). The committee is responsible for mailing the event invitations.

How do we publicize our event?
KML can help promote your event in a number of ways – through the Alumni Connection (published three times a year), through the KML website, and through other KML publications.

Who pays for the cost of a reunion?
Most reunion committees include food, mailing, and additional expenses in the “ticket” price for the event.

What events are usually included?
Your imagination is the limit! From Homecoming cookouts, dinner cruises, picnics, tours of KML and golf outings, dinners on campus – the list of reunion options is endless. The event can last one evening or an entire weekend.

So, what’s the first step?
Decide who will plan the event(s) and contact Mrs. Crystal Perez at KML (262.677.4051 x4042; crystal.perez@kmlhs.org) for any assistance.