About Club Ole’

Club Olè is a club designed for students presently enrolled in Spanish classes at KML. The primary purpose of Club Olè is to provide an extracurricular opportunity to further develop and enhance language and cultural acquisition. Officers will meet once a month for an organizational meeting. The entire club will meet after school at least once a month on a mutually agreeable day. In addition, Club Olè will try to schedule off-campus activities whenever possible and available in the area. All members are expected to contribute to the club in the area of time and talents. A one-time fee of $5.00 will be collected at the first meeting which is held in September. Other monies involving transportation or entry fees to various activities will be collected for each individual event as the year progresses.


Mrs. Barb Olsen


Please contact Mrs. Olsen (barbara.olsen@kmlhs.org) with any questions.