About Student Council

Student Council is an organization of students voted into their positions by their fellow classmates and assessed through personal interviews. Once a student becomes a Student Council representative or an officer, that person has various responsibilities. Each representative becomes a member of one of the three homecoming committees (Decoration, Activities, and Royalty). Each member is assigned to our standing committees (Auction, Dance, Elections, Missions & Charity, Teacher Appreciation, and Star Search). Two Student Council representatives will be elected internally to the offices of Class President and Vice President. A weekend planning retreat is held in the spring.

The purpose of Student Council is to have representation for each class in a positive Christian manner concerning issues relevant to the student body. The two main focal points for Student Council are student government and planning for organized Christian activities. Student Council seeks to educate the members in parliamentary procedure, in actively running meetings, and in developing and carrying out ideas and responsibilities. In this way we hope to facilitate young men and women becoming better Christian leaders in their churches and the community.


Mr. Dan Albrecht

Mrs. Micah Nelson


For questions regarding KML’s Student Council, contact Mr. Albrecht (dan.albrecht@kmlhs.org).