The KML Learning Center exists to encourage and work with any  KML student who needs academic support for success. Through support from the Learning Center staff, students are equipped to be successful learners with the gifts God has given them.


Students receive the following services in the Learning Center:

  • Review or re-teaching of material
  • Small group or one-on-one tutoring
  • Structured study halls
  • Modified curriculum and assignments (in coordination with the classroom teacher)
  • Training in study skills
  • Help with test-taking
  • Use of a planner and Google Classroom for organization
  • Goal setting

Students may be assigned to the Learning Center for extra support based on parent recommendation, teacher recommendation, or if their name appears on KML’s weekly low grade report (D or F).


The KML Learning Center is staffed by 2 full time teachers and 3 part time assistants.  Currently, the Learning Center has two dedicated classrooms where support is available throughout the entire school day and after school.

The Learning Center is headed by Mrs. Sheila Krause, a teacher with a master’s degree in special education and many years of experience teaching students with a variety of learning challenges.

Questions? Want More Info?

Contact the Learning Center Administrator, Mrs. Sheila Krause (262-677-4051 x2318; sheila.krause@kmlhs.org).