About Student Services

The Student Services Department at KML provides academic assistance to students and their families. It is our purpose to help students to develop fully the gifts that our Lord has given them, and to continue to develop those gifts in the years after they have left high school.


The transcript is the official academic record for the student’s high school career. Credits earned at KML are transferable to other secondary schools-public, private, or parochial-and to institutions of higher learning across the country.

Student Services Team

To reach a member of the Student Services Team via phone, dial 262.677.4051 and their extension.

Services Provided

The Student Services Department advises students about their course selections and class schedules, their academic progress, their standardized testing, their post-high school planning, and their plans to finance their college education. The department is responsible for developing the master schedule and the student schedules. It provides copies of student transcripts, and it maintains the permanent records of the students.

The Student Services Department provides a variety of materials for students to use. It sets up a schedule of visits from college, technical college, and military recruiters. Computer resources are also available.

The Student Services Department helps students to select courses in which they will be successful in meeting KML’s graduation requirements and will be prepared to enter college or the workforce.

The KML Student Services Department offers these services:

  1. Academic course planning and scheduling
  2. A standardized testing program including the Aspire, the PSAT, and the ACT and SAT. Group and personal interpretations of the results of these tests are also made available (KML’s ACT High School Code is 500951)
  3. Assistance in college planning
  4. Information and assistance with college financial aid and scholarships
  5. Academic progress reporting
  6. Academic records and transcripts
  7. Academic and career counseling including Xello, an online career exploration and planning tool used by students at KML to explore career and college options
  8. Career exploration through Career Day (See below for more info.)

Career Day

KML offers an annual Career Day for the junior class. This event usually takes place in the fall. The purpose of Career Day is to give those students an opportunity to explore various occupations. Juniors will attend pre-selected career presentations given by people who actually work in these fields, providing a chance to ask questions about specific careers. This day is NOT meant to entertain, provide college information, or job shadowing possibilities, but it IS intended to give general information on specific careers and perhaps open the possibility of additional career alternatives. We try to schedule a good balance of career options – some hands-on, some computer-related, various medical occupations, etc.

Do you think your current career would be of interest to our junior class? If you are willing to be a presenter or are interested in more information about this event, please contact Mrs. Becky Kemnitz (262.677.4051 x4074; becky.kemnitz@kmlhs.org).