Our new school theme is Rooted in Christ! This theme and image exemplify our mission. Just like a tree that stands secure with roots which are deep and strong, so our teenagers must also develop a personal faith planted firmly in God’s Word. Our role at KML is to nourish the students academically and spiritually, guiding them to develop an unshakable faith which will continue to grow throughout their lives.

Your prayers and financial gifts help us build a strong foundation in our students.

Your support helps us meet the needs of a growing enrollment and allows us to finish the lower level of the Science and Innovation Wing. Your partnership gives us more opportunities to reach out to new families and offer a Christian education which helps even more students deepen the roots of their faith in Christ.

We pray your own faith will sustain you, regardless of future challenges, and we pray that you join us with your support as we strive to keep our young people Rooted in Christ!

Mr. David Bartelt

P.S. If you thought KML Sunday is about KML, please watch this video … that’s about YOU!