Dear KML Family,

As we embark on this journey of virtual learning, it is absolutely critical that we view this time as a chance to come together and encourage one another. Our goal at KML is to allow our students the privilege of continuing their education while receiving spiritual, emotional, social, and academic support. We know that it will be challenging for all of us, but we will not standby and allow the blessing of a Christian education to cease on account of COVID-19. Let us work together, encourage one another, and communicate often so that we can make this new venture as successful as possible!

Virtual Learning Orientation
We will hold our Virtual Learning Meeting tonight at 7:00 PM. This meeting can be viewed by clicking this link: This orientation is not required, but it is a chance to communicate in another way for those who would find it beneficial. We will also record this orientation and make it available after it is completed. Throughout this meeting, you can add questions to be answered by clicking here before or during the presentation. The Google Slide Presentation for tonight will be able to be viewed at 7:00 PM by clicking this address:

Orange Out
On our first virtual day of school, you are all encouraged to wear orange to support Miriam, Emily, and Mr. Grulke as they battle leukemia. Let us show them our support!

KML Virtual Daily Schedule
Through Monday, April 6 This is the schedule we will adopt for the next six days of instruction. It is possible that it will be adjusted should we have to extend virtual learning beyond April 6.

7:40 – 7:55Opening Devotion and Announcements
7:55 – 9:21A Day: Period 1 OR B Day: Period 5
9:21 –  9:33Class Transition
9:33 – 10:59A Day: Period 2 OR B Day: Period 6
10:59 – 11:41Lunch
11:41 – 1:07A Day: Period 3 OR B Day: Period 7
1:07 – 1:19Class Transition
1:19 – 2:45A Day: Period 4 OR B Day: Period 8
2:45 – 3:30Teachers available to answer individual student questions online or via phone
  • Thursday, March 19 – Online Instruction: A Day (Periods 1-4)
  • Friday, March 20 – Online Instruction: B Day (Periods 5-8)
  • Monday, March 23 – Online Instruction: A Day (Periods 1-4)
  • Tuesday, March 24 – Online Instruction: B Day (Periods 5-8)
  • Wednesday, March 25 – Online Instruction: A Day (Periods 1-4)
  • Thursday, March 26 – Online Instruction: B Day (Periods 5-8)
  • Friday, March 27 – Spring Break Begins Early (No School)
  • March 30 – April 3 – Spring Break Week (No School)
  • Monday, April 6 – Face-to-Face Instruction Resumes (Anticipated)

Daily Devotion and Announcements
Students will find the link every morning at to view the morning devotion. Our morning devotion and announcements will begin at 7:40 AM. Students are expected to attend this devotion each morning. We are thankful to be able to gather around God’s Word each morning as a KML family to be fed by the Holy Spirit and encouraged in our faith and life.

Students will find the link to mark their attendance at every morning. Students’ attendance will be marked daily, not by each period. Throughout the rest of the day, students are held accountable for their attendance by attending face to face virtual meetings or by participating in assignments, discussions, and assessments. Attendance is required unless excused by a parent through our school office.

Class-Specific Instructions
Teachers from individual courses will email and/or send an announcement on Google Classroom prior to your class period on the day your class meets. This means that for Thursday, the teachers will send students instructions prior to periods 1-4. For Friday, they will send instructions prior to periods 5-8. Students should be checking email and Google Classroom often throughout the day. They should look for new Google Classroom invitations if their teacher did not use Google Classroom up to this point.

Teachers will be with their students during that class period in some way. They may schedule a Zoom meeting to meet face to face, have a dialogue on a discussion board, monitor work being done on Google Classroom, or many other ways. Teachers are dedicated to each specific course during the scheduled class period.

What about study hall or commons? The answer is simple. Utilize that time for school work you need to finish! If that is done, take a walk, exercise, read a good book, help a sibling, clean the house, prep dinner, or anything else productive you choose.

Student Best Practices for Face-to-Face Virtual Learning
It is critical that in a virtual learning environment we maintain a professional learning atmosphere. We expect our students to follow these best practices:

  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Sit up (desk, table, against wall, sitting up against headboard, etc.)
    • Don’t lie in your bed, etc.
  • Be aware of what’s behind your camera
    • Letting others see into your home
    • Privacy issues
  • Let others in your home know you’re on a video call
  • Mute microphone unless talking
  • Avoid distraction issues
    • Siblings
    • Parents
    • Pets
  • Keep your camera on unless told by the instructor to turn it off
  • Make sure you’ve actually left the call at the end of class


Incomplete Status
If a student has an Incomplete from the 3rd Quarter, they will still work with their teacher to complete what is past due to complete the work required. They should be in contact with that teacher via email.

Technology or Internet Issues
Technology or internet issues will be a challenge for some of our students, and there will be a learning curve for our teachers as well. Let us remain patient and work together to knock down roadblocks.

If you run into internet issues at home, the Wisconsin DPI has offered the following potential solutions:

If you run into issues with your Chromebook, please email and your email will be forwarded to a staff member who can assist you.

Drop Off or Pick Up of Materials
The majority of instruction will be delivered online. In the limited cases where students need to pick up or drop off materials, that procedure will be shared with students through their classroom teachers.

Throughout the next 6 days of virtual instruction, teachers will be seeking feedback from their classes on highlights and struggles for students. Parents will also be given the opportunity to give feedback. We will also keep this survey open, and we will be checking it daily.

In Christ’s Service,
Principal Jamie Luehring