Dear KML Family,

Our faculty and staff is working diligently today and will continue to prepare tomorrow for our first virtual learning day on Thursday. We are excited to be able to test out this new form of learning with our students soon! There is no doubt that many have questions and wonder what these days will be like. Please read below for what you can expect from KML in regards to communication in the next couple of days. The bottom line is that you will have all the pertinent information you need at the right time.

Wednesday, March 18

  • Parents and students will receive an email by 5:00 PM on Wednesday evening outlining general information about virtual learning, including how to take attendance, student expectations, types of learning to be expected, schedule, solutions to technology issues, etc.
  • In that email, we will also share a link to our Virtual Learning Orientation which will be livestreamed at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evening. There will also be an avenue for parents and students to ask questions during this presentation. This orientation is not required, but it is a chance to communicate in another way for those who would find it beneficial. We will also record this orientation and make it available after it is completed.

Thursday, March 19

  • Teachers of periods 1-4 will share their class information via Google Classroom and/or email. At the beginning of each class period, students should follow the specific directions in those emails.
  • The same process will follow on Friday for periods 5-8.


  • If you have questions, feel free to share them on this survey ahead of time. We will answer all questions to the best of our ability with the information we have at this time.

In Christ’s Service,
Principal Jamie Luehring