We continue to adjust our COVID-19 procedures to ensure efficiency and accuracy. The purpose of the information on this page is to further clarify procedures related to parents who are choosing the virtual option for their teenager. Please see below.

Virtual Learning Option

KML is offering a virtual learning option for students who are unable to attend class in person due to COVID-19 related issues (the student is quarantining, is in isolation, etc.), but who are well enough to participate virtually from home. This virtual option is not intended for students who miss school for other reasons (transportation issues, vacation, non-COVID illness, etc.).

One-Week Commitment

Students switching to virtual are required to commit to attending for at least one week (5 school days). If a student is able to return to school in person early or the student needs to extend the time that they will be virtual, please contact the Main Office (262-677-4051; office@kmlhs.org).

Virtual Class Start Delay

Teachers are only expected to make their classes available virtually when one of their students has signed up to attend virtually. Since additional time may be needed by teachers to get classes set up for virtual learning, there will usually be a delay of one day between the time KML is informed that a student is choosing virtual learning and all of the student’s classes are available virtually.

How to Inform KML That a Student is Switching to Virtual Learning

Contact the Main Office (262-677-4051; office@kmlhs.org) to report that your student will be attending school virtually. The information the office needs to know is:

  • Student Name
  • Student Grade
  • Date Virtual Learning will Begin
  • *Date to Return to Face to Face School
    • This is very important. If this date changes for any reason, the Main Office must be notified.
  • Reason for Switching to Virtual Learning

Virtual Student Illness or Absence

If your child has opted for virtual learning but is unable  to attend virtual classes on a particular day, you must contact the Main Office (262-677-4051; office@kmlhs.org). This is the same process used when students attending in person are ill or absent.

Directions for Participating in Virtual Classes

Teachers will email virtual students the instructions needed to participate in their classes virtually. This participation may be a live video meeting or it may be an assignment that the student completes independently. It is important for virtual students to check their email often throughout the day for communication from teachers.

Student Expectations for Video Meetings

When virtual students are in a video meeting for class, they are expected to have their cameras on and their faces visible. This allows the teachers to interact with them.

Daily Schedule

When virtual students attend a class using a video meeting, it will be at the same time that the class takes place for students that are at school in person. The regular daily schedule of classes is available online at www.kmlhs.org/schedule. When a different daily schedule is used, the schedule is emailed to all students at least a day in advance.


Virtual students are expected to participate in daily chapel by viewing it online at www.kmlhs.org/stream at the time noted on that day’s schedule.

Pick Up and Drop Off Books, Supplies, & Assignments

Virtual students may need items picked up or dropped off at KML in order to complete their assigned work. Please contact the Main Office (262-677-4051; office@kmlhs.org) to coordinate picking up and dropping off items. The staff can retrieve items from student lockers if needed. The Main Office is open from 7:15 AM to 3:30 PM on school days.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about a specific class that your child is attending virtually, please contact (or have your student contact) the teacher directly. A staff directory is available at www.kmlhs.org/staff. Please contact the Main Office (262-677-4051; office@kmlhs.org) with any general questions or concerns so we can help!