9:45 AM

KML Family,

We are beyond saddened to announce that the WIAA has cancelled the remainder of winter sports tournaments, meaning our KML boys basketball team will not be allowed to continue their amazing postseason run. KML applauds the tireless efforts of our coaches, athletes, and support staff this season! Your countless hours of hard work, planning, preparation, and spirit of enthusiasm, certainly made this season special. It is our hope that amidst the changing national, state, and local landscape, that our basketball family would not forget the many positives that occurred during the winter season. Our youth improved drastically in their athletic gifts and talents. The good Lord provided our team with great health and the capability to enjoy physical activity. Our leadership helped train our future Christian leaders, day in and day out, on and off the court. Our team rallied around each other to adjust to circumstances beyond our control, fostering a spirit of determination and perseverance, en route to a regional championship and sectional victory. None of this can be taken away from us. Furthermore, we continue to stand in awe of the unrelenting support of our collective KML Family! KML Family, thank you for your unending support and overwhelming positivity this season.

As KML moves forward together, may we never forget that we are truly “Blessed Beyond Belief”. May our gracious God continue to remind us of His providence, control, and amazing grace, which His people are promised, without exception! We know that in all things He works for our good. These truths remain unchanged, no matter how much our world changes. Amidst these challenges, it is KML’s prayer that God’s people would continue to find opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations. God bless you, KML.

In His Service,

KML Activities Director

Mr. Joe Greefkes